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New CNC technology  World level par


New CNCtechnology par the world level

DW-3 intelligentonce again improve the technical standards for touchless car washing equipment,It using a variety of world-class technology, such as the German ultrasonicfull range of vehicle identification system, 360-degree rotating ultra-highpressure car washing technology, infrared automatic sensor system, intelligentone-button start , Automatic washing car and other advanced technology. ShuifuM7 technology and intelligent innovation, appearance of the atmosphere, luxury,steady, ultrasonic detection system, CNC machine operation, gear transmission,configure the whole import parts, self-service system.

New CNCtechnology par the world level

Germanyultrasonic full range of vehicle identification system to achieve more accurateand more secure and reliable results

L-type360-degree rotation of ultra-high pressure washing technology without deadends, high performance, the more wash the more bright L-type rotatingarm, spray neutral washing liquid, water wax, high pressure water column

Infrared automaticsensor pre-flushing system easy to wash the chassis special pollution area

Revolutionarydesign "top crane", "variable frequency motor","double-axis roller skating"

Automaticwashing liquid, water wax ratio machine

Integratedair-drying system (optional)

Voice broadcastLED prompt system

Fault self -test system

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